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Providing technology, product innovation, engineering solutions and strategic consulting in the electric vehicle field.


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T.E.M Motorcycles
Single-Passenger Electric Car with 9kW max. Power, 60 km/h max. Velocity and 80km Range
Two-Passenger Electric Car with 64kW max. Power, 120km/h max. Velocity and 120km Range
Sport Electric Motorcycle with 32kW max. Power, 145km/h max. Velocity and 100km Range
Sport, Scooter, Cub and Mini Class Electric Motorcycles portfolio with Customizable Power, Top Speed and Range

Who we are

  • We have been providing innovative solutions and strategic consulting in the field of electric vehicles since 2006.
  • We sketch, design, prototype, produce, sell and support.
  • Our team members are all elite graduates of the most prestigious Iranian universities.
  • With our dedication, know-how, and passion, our knowledge-based company has been able to be a distinctive player in the market.
  • We are Tosan, We “Ride Over The Future”.

OUR competitiveness

  • As Tosan, we design, engineer and manufacture with a cutting-edge technology that leads to smarter, safer and more environmentally friendly products.
  • Tosan has been able to reach the perfect balance between design and engineering by fully integrating into its proprietary battery pack and power train system.
  • Integration of smart technologies into our products and enabling possibility of a ride, for riders with different skills have made the experience of riding our motorcycles, extraordinary.
  • Our motorcycles are always on, always connected and our support team is always there for you.

No. all of T.E.M products’ batteries are high quality and performance Li-ion.

On average a T.E.M battery pack works between 1000 to 1500 cycles which is equal to 100.000 to 150.000 kilometers.

No. all of T.E.M products are high power; the least power we have is 3000w.

It varies from 55km to 240km. It depends on the class, model, and the battery option that you choose; you can find it on the details of each product.

T.E.M products are all high-speed; the least speed is 70km/h and it goes up to 130km/h

Yes. All of T.E.M products are high power enough to go up 30% carrying two average persons without decreasing in performance.

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Please find our sales’ conditions here (link).

Please find our sales’ conditions here (link).

Please find our sales’ conditions here (link)

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What services – We offer plenty of services for the products including repairing, replacing the parts, tuning and etc. you can find the details about our services here (link).

All of our products have 2 years and 20000km guarantee. For more detail about the guarantee and its coverage, click here (link).

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We plan plenty of exciting events with different subjects and locations for you to attend and ride our motorcycles while having fun with others.

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