Warranty and aftersales information
Tosan Electric Motors co.

Tosan Electric Motors co.

This warranty applies to all original owners and any subsequent owners of T.E.M motorcycles who has been registered under the Tosan owning regulations.

The warranty for the listed services and supports in all T.E.M centers are free of charge for 1-year period after the registration date and before 10,000 kilometer distance of riding.

Moreover, the listed services and supports in all T.E.M centers would be done for 5-years period after the registration with the listed prices.

  • 12 months for the power train including electromotor, converter and controller.
  • 12 months for other non-consumable parts.
  • 12 months for the battery performance.
  • 3 months for consumable parts like brake pads.
  • 12 months for the tire, tube, and tubeless tires performance.
  • Any crashes or accidents caused by the user.
  • Defect caused by non-standard oil and other consumable materials.
  • Defect caused by natural events like earthquakes, floods, fire, lightning, etc., or social rebellion, or etc.
  • Defects caused by using the product against the instructions provided by the company.
  • Any change or repair of any parts by non-certified centers.
  • Attaching any extra pars, tuning, etc. by non-certified centers.
  • Color paleness or damage to guarantee seal or sticker.
  • Disabling the distance meter.
  • Not doing the periodic services instructed by the company.

Pay attention

  • The only references for meeting the cancellation conditions of this warranty are T.E.M professionals.
  • The only references for causes of defects are T.E.M professionals.
  • The periodic services are up to one year after the registration date according to the law:
            1. One months after the registration date and before 200 km distance riding.
            2. 3 months after the registration date and before 1000 km distance riding.
            3. 8 months after the registration date and before 5000 km distance riding.
  • The pricing of services and supports are according to the T.E.M price list given to the certified centers.

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